53 Solopreneur Businesses You Can Start

solopreneur business you can start

Creating a business does not mean you have to have an office full of people to be successful. Thanks to modern technology one-person business owners, usually called solopreneurs, have found tremendous success and freedom running a business on their own. They have the power to implement their own decisions and create the business of their dreams.

What sorts of businesses can solopreneurs run on their own?

Here are 53 solopreneur businesses you can start today:

Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr allows you to sell your freelance services. Whether you can write, create videos, do voiceovers, or just about any other service, you can make a ton of money with Fiverr.

Sign up to Fiverr for Free and start earning an income online!

E-commerce Business

Instead of opening up a shop, you have your store online. Your product stays inside of your garage.

The key to e-commerce success is how you market your business. Social media and Google ads can help bring customers to your site. Another tip is to create a niche. You could sell travel accessories, photography equipment or designer dog clothes.

By focusing on specific types of products, you can target your marketing to that customer.

Setting up an online store is not as difficult as it sounds. Using Shopify, you can easily set up a beautiful store in minutes and start selling before you know it!


Amazon FBA Seller

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is the hottest business now. Once you have set up your FBA account, you can create product listings. This can be anything. All you do is send your products to Amazon. They will handle the shipping and you will get a nice check. A huge perk of being an FBA Seller is that these items are included in Amazon Prime.

This is a great opportunity to create branded products such as clothing, luggage, and other items that you have created.

Blog Owner

Starting a Blog is still a lucrative business for a solopreneur. Hosting a blog will not mean instant financial rewards. Consistently posting new content will build your audience and help you rank with Google.

Focusing on your brand and the main topic is key at the beginning of your blog. Make sure your site is clean, responsive, and has good photography.

Adding affiliate links, host a podcast and create other profit centers to help monetize your blog.

Solo Bookkeeper

This is an opportunity to work with other solopreneurs or small business customers. Many smaller organizations or one-person businesses need to outsource their bookkeeping in order to free up time to do more important business tasks.


You could start an independent consulting company to help organizations implement change. You could facilitate the change or offer suggestions on what changes need to be made.

Life Coach

You don’t need a lot of business experience to be a life coach.

solopreneur llife coach business

Your specialty could include career change, finances, home organization and personal relationships. You need to be a good listener. You also need to have ideas and can break down the steps in order to instruct your client on how they can successfully achieve their goals.

Health Coach

If you have a degree in sports health or nutrition, this is a no-brainer. You can help clients revamp their eating and exercise habits and change their lives.


People need writers for a cornucopia of reasons. You may choose to specialize in grant requests, online copy or ghostwrite books. If your dream is to become a full-time writer, the opportunities are endless.

Sell Online Courses

Know more about a hobby or skill than the average person? Why not create an online course? A course can be everything from sourdough bread to dog training.

You can teach people how to create a social media marketing plan or how to write a screenplay. People want to learn new skills from the comfort of their homes. You can teach their desired course without leaving the comfort of your home.

What is great about creating online courses is that once you put in the heavy load of creating the course, it mostly runs itself. You could combine this business with another solopreneur venture for maximum profit.

Ride Sharing Driver

Love to drive?

Becoming a ridesharing driver is a pleasant way to make extra cash. You set your own hours and work as much as you want. Many drivers sign up for both Uber and Lyft for the maximum opportunity to make money.

Airbnb Owner

Have an extra room or an empty apartment? Why not try Airbnb?

Before you sign up, be sure to check your local regulations. Some communities require Airbnb owners to live on the premises or have other such laws.

After signing up, you will need to add a keypad entrance to your residence. Consider what sorts of amenities you will offer. This could include toiletries, transportation and breakfast. Anything extra can help your listing stand out.

Be sure to always write up a review after someone stays at your Airbnb. Always respond to feedback. Try to resolve any difficulties before you get to the feedback stage.

Personal CPA

Both individuals and businesses need the professional expertise that a CPA has to offer. A CPA could get taxes prepared or help with other budgetary issues.

As a solopreneur, you can choose to specialize.

personal cpa solopreneur business

You will need to be trained and registered in public accounting. everyday operations of their business. If you have the appropriate experience, you could set yourself up as a freelancer.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most efficient and populate way to give customers access to applications over the internet.

In the past, customers needed physical media that required individuated installation. With SaaS products, customers can effortlessly access them on the internet.

As a solopreneur, your business would be to provide SaaS products. Your business would automatically maintain and update this product in exchange for monthly recurring revenue.

Personal Chef

If you are professionally trained in food, you may decide to become a personal chef instead of working at a restaurant. This could mean you are working at a home or business, creating meals.

solopreneur personal chef business

You may choose to specialize in foods for people with allergies or who are avoiding things like gluten or meat. Some personal chefs add to their income by hosting a YouTube channel or self-publishing their own cookbook.

Social Media Mangement Agency

Social media is still a mystery and even a burden for many companies. If you are savvy in the world of social media, you can strategize and create a social media plan and schedule posts.

Web Design Agency

Websites are still a daunting task for any organization. If you have the skills to create a website this is especially a good time to find clients. A lot of organizations have not upgraded their sites to responsive sites, hurting their SEO and losing mobile viewers.

Other sites are using old code and are slow. There are many opportunities to use your skills and help businesses create beautiful websites.

Pay Per Click Agency

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one type of affiliate marketing. Advertisers pay a fee anytime their ad is clicked. This is true even if there is no sale. This sort of advertising is a great money generator for a website.

A great solopreneur opportunity is to own an agency that manages other customer’s Google AdWords.

PR Agency

Promoting a person or a company’s brand requires ingenuity and a flair for the dramatic. If you have a knack for creating press packages and interesting press releases, starting a public relations (PR) agency may be the solopreneur biz you have been looking for.

You could determine if you are going to work only with clients online, or if you want to be escorting your client to high-profile events and promotions. Your imagination can take your client and your business anywhere.

Search Engine Optimization Agency

Are you obsessed with search engine optimization (SEO) and dream of creative keywords in your sleep? Do you imagine different ways that companies could rank using local SEO? Then you may consider opening up a search engine optimization agency.

YouTube Star

Why not start a YouTube channel? YouTube is the second biggest search engine, which means that you can build up your name and brand. Whether you have a talent for smoking an award-winning beef brisket or love to travel the world, you can find a topic for a successful channel.

youtube star solopreneur

According to YouTube star Jenna Marbles, the key to YouTube success is to be “consistent” and “be yourself.” She told Entrepreneur that she posts a video just once a week and her millions of subscribers return for her zany humor.

Logo Designer

Everyone needs a logo. From startups to baseball teams, logos are in demand. A great solopreneur business is to create unique and practical logos. You do not even need an expensive computer program. You can use a free site like Canva to make a logo.

Start out by creating logos for friends and family. Create a simple website showcasing those logos. Then begin advertising your talents on such platforms as Fiverr and Upwork.


Do you want to run errands or do you happen to be a handy person? Then you may want to sign up for TaskRabbit. You don’t have to look for customers. Their customers will come looking for you.

Signing up is easy. You need to fill out a background check, what duties you are qualified for and pay a one-time $20 fee.

Sell on Etsy

Are you crafty and known to make jewelry or have another unique artistic skill? Then Etsy is the perfect marketplace for you. Sign up for Etsy and create a shop. Take quality photos of your handmade craft and create a listing with appropriate keywords.

Etsy has opened up its requirements to allow the sale of vintage items and craft supplies.

Personal trainer

If you are athletic and want to help others get into good shape, you may consider becoming a personal trainer. You can specialize in different types of personal training.

solopreneur business fitness trainer

This could include clients that want to lose over one hundred pounds, run a marathon or seniors that need to get into better shape.

Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer allows you to gain commission on any affiliate links you set up for your clients. As the business owner, you can set up affiliate link promotions that fit your clientele. Then watch your income soar.

Virtual Assistant

Successful businesses and solopreneurs that are overwhelmed with general office tasks often seek the help of a virtual assistant. If you should decide to become a virtual assistant, you will need to have great organizational skills. It will be useful to be well-versed in a variety of software programs. You may be asked to do some document writing, press releases, and perhaps even some social media posts.

You can find clients on the usual places like Upwork or Fiverr, or through blogger groups. If you have a specialty like science, education or nutrition, you can seek out these sorts of niche organizations and find clients there.


Designing and selling t-shirts has become the ultimate solopreneur business. For some solopreneurs, selling t-shirts is passive income and a side hustle to compliment their main business.

Start out by creating a unique design. You can use your own photos, art work or clever saying. After you have created a design, you can upload that design on such platforms as Amazon, Teespring or Shopify. On the latter, your listings can be sold via your Etsy account. When you sell your designs, these sits print and send the shirts out to the customer. You don’t need to do any of that work. you just get a percentage of the money for your efforts.

You could choose to advertise your t-shirts on social media, such as Facebook. By using hashtags and targeting your customers, you can increase your chance of getting sales.


Becoming a podcaster is a potentially profitable solopreneur business. If you can find a particular niche, and regularly broadcast your episodes, you can make income from multiple sources. Advertisers don’t require large social media influencer numbers. For as little a thousand downloads, podcasters can earn money from commercials and affiliate marketing.

woman podcasting solopreneur

Some podcasters gather up nuggets of wisdom from their interviews and package it into a book. Others take questions from their followers and create online educational programs. If you are interested in coaching, podcasting is a popular way for potential clients to learn more about you. A podcaster’s expertise can lead to some influential contacts.

Brand Ambassador

This is not a job for the meek. Brand ambassadors are outgoing and personable, always seen with a smile on their faces as they promote new products. They wear branded products, meet new people and offer samples of new products. They represent the company and shine a positive light on the brand.

They are also working out of their office, sharing social media stories about the products. Having a knack for Snapchat and Instagram Stories is helpful in this sort of business. There is a lot of fun and flash in being a brand ambassador solopreneur.

There are many approaches to making this sort of business work. You could start your own company specializing in specific types of products like beer or chocolate.


This is a profitable middle man business. A dropshipper sells and sends out merchandise without ever owning an inventory. This is an ideal job for a solopreneur. The dropshipper will advertise the merchandise. The customer will buy it. Then the drop shipper will contact the warehouse and give them the customer information. The warehouse will send the merchandise. The drop shipper will be in charge of any customer service issues.

What sorts of merchandise can a drop shipper sell? Virtually anything. The best part of this solopreneur business is that you can live anywhere in the world to run this sort of business. Who doesn’t want that?

Event DJ

If you like music and can make a great playlist, event DJ is an ideal solopreneur business. Look to entertain at weddings, parties and corporate events. Get the right sound equipment such as quality speakers, turntables and microphone. Make sure to check to see what sorts of local licenses you need to run this business.

Interior Decorator

As an interior decorator, you can work with both homeowners and businesses. You will demonstrate integrity if you have a degree or internship experience in this field. In many places, you need that professional degree in order to run this sort of business.

You can work out of your home but will need to visit the homes and establishments that need your professional service.

One way to promote your business is through testimonials on your website and photos on your social media. Your work will speak for itself and bring in all the customers you want.


There are two ways to approach modeling. You can be a model and be a solopreneur just booking your own shoots. The other approach is to create an agency and have a team of models that you book out.

Party / Wedding Planner

Are you known for your fabulous parties and detail-oriented organization? You may decide to create a party or wedding planning business.

wedding planner solopreneur business

A license is not required to organize events, but the experience is vital. Anyone who is knowledgeable about contracts and event planning would excel at this sort of business.

Pet Sitting

Pet owners love their pets like family and finding someone who cares for animals is priceless. Running a pet sitting business allows you to be close to many furry clients and make money at it!


Although anyone with a smartphone has the ability to take photos, professional photographers are still needed. Creating a solopreneur business specializing in events or becoming a stock photographer can lead to a profitable career.

App Developer

Creative apps are still a lucrative business. Figuring out a unique take on a niche can garner you thousands of downloads. The best part about developing applications is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Vending Machine Owner

If you have permission to place vending machines in a prime location then this is the business for you. Although the business runs itself it is a business that may require customer service should the machine malfunction.

Amazon Merch

If you have unique ideas or saying for t-shirts, then Merch by Amazon is for you. This is the program that many super sellers love. You design the product and Amazon prints and ships it to the customer. They take a fee and you have a nice source of passive income.

Amazon Influencer Program

This is a special Amazon affiliate program for those with a large number of social media followers. Amazon looks for influencers with a high engagement rate. The influencer gets their own page and a vanity URL from their site to their Amazon page. This personalized Amazon page is for the products they recommend.


Amazon Flex Driver

The Amazon Flex driver program is for those solopreneurs who want to deliver Amazon packages to customers. This program requires that drivers own a qualifying vehicle, including a 4-door sedan, van or pick-up truck.

Potential drivers must be at least 21, pass a background check and show proof of insurance.

Food Delivery Driver

People order food on the Postmates app and you can be a delivery driver who brings the food to customers. In return, you get most of the delivery money.

food delivery solopreneur business

Once you sign up and pass the background check, you can use your car or bike to deliver food anywhere in your town.

Graphic Designer

If you are good with Photoshop and other creative software, you can start your own graphic design business. You can work with individual clients or businesses. You may be required to meet at a client’s business, but most work will be done from your own office.

A graphic designer could do anything from creating logos and stationary to making infographics and other visual media.

Video Editor

Video is now key to the success of many websites and social media accounts. Your skills as a video editor can become a profitable business. This is a high growth job as a video has been growing fast. Most companies want to add video but don’t know-how. Those are your clients.

Instagram Influencer

If you have a knack for social media and photography, you may want to become a social media influencer. You can work with brands and affiliate programs to make money. Being and Instagram Influencer is a solopreneur business where the sky’s the limit.


Have a green thumb?

You may consider a solopreneur gardening business. There are many ways to run this sort of business. You could specialize in a business that maintains indoor plants in office complexes.

Another option is to specialize. You could focus on outdoor garden design that does not require regular watering in drought zones. Here is an opportunity to bask in green while making some good money.

Advertising Agency

If you are in advertising and feel like your creative ideas have been passed over, you may want to venture out on your own. Create a business portfolio of your best work and build your contact list.

Join professional organizations and let others see your innovative ideas.

Customer Service Representative

There are businesses that will pay you to do their customer service. If you know how to solve problems and help people, this is the job for you. You can make your own hours to boot.

Sales Associate

A sales associate is the direct link between consumer and product. You may choose to be a specialized consultant with tech products or novelty items. Being a sales associate can allow you to have an open schedule and potentially high commission.

Day Trader

If you like your solopreneur business to include some risk, you may choose to become a day trader.

day trader solopreneur business

A day trader sells securities online. Working for yourself means no need for a certificate, but you will need some capital in order to make the trades.

ATM Machine Owner

Placing ATM machines in strategic locations is a great way to make a regular passive income. You need to purchase your own machines and develop a relationship with a bank because you will need a lot of cash to put into the machines on a weekly basis.

If you own multiple ATMs you will want them all to be in close proximity to each other and to your residence.

Self Serve Carwash Owner

For most people, their vehicle is their second biggest investment. This means they want to take care of their car with weekly washes. This is why you may choose to own a self-serve carwash. Self serve carwashes are known to have an excellent return on investment and are low maintenance. You can operate another business while owning a self serve car wash.

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