16 Best Places to Buy a Domain Name

best places to buy domain names

Getting the perfect domain name for your website is as essential as creating a content-rich, user-friendly site.

The domain name is the first thing your visitors see about your site. Therefore, it should capture what your blog or website is all about.

There are hundreds of domain registrars from where you can buy a domain name. They all offer different features and prices, and it makes the process of settling on one a little tricky.

Read on to better grasp what domain names are, how they work, and the best places to buy them.

What Is A Domain Name?

Simply put, a domain name is the address of your website. It is the word prospective site visitors type in the search bar when looking for your website.

what is a domain name

A domain can have any amount of characters and always ends in a GLTD (generic top-level domain) which could be .com, .org. .edu and so on.

16 Best Places to Buy A Domain Name

Peruse a list of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited domain name registrars to buy or transfer a domain name quickly.

Most Affordable


Bluehost Logo

$2.95 a month hosting with premium features and benefits.


Best Customer Service


hostgator logo

Get a free domain when you sign up with Hostgator.


1. Bluehost

Bluehost Logo

Pricing: Starting from $12.99 per year (.com domain)

Bluehost is an affordable web hosting company, as well as a domain name registrar. It ranks among the ideal options for website owners seeking a domain name and a host.

After purchasing their $3.95 per month hosting plan, you get a domain free of charge.


  • A large variety of TLDs (Top-Level Domains) supported
  • 24/7 customer support
  • A resourceful knowledgebase
  • Use of up-to-date, open-source technology
  • Easily accessible domain administration tools for tracking, renewing, and transferring a domain name


The downside of Bluehost is the charge imposed on WHOIS protection. Domain name buyers may have to pay an extra $11.88 annually for privacy. However, the many advantages, including a 30-day money-back guarantee, eclipses this demerit.

Get started with Bluehost

2. Dreamhost

dreamhost logoPricing: Starting from $6.99 (.com domain)

Dreamhost provides a large variety of TLDs, including those for specific countries. After a domain purchase, clients can buy hosting and use Dreamhost’s website builder.

dreamhost reviews

Currently, they manage over 1.5 million domains.


  • A feature-rich service with an excellent interface
  • Free WHOIS protection
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Easy-to-use domain manager platform
  • Favorable refund policies


Dreamhost offers almost zero discounts when you transfer a domain registered elsewhere to them. However, you should enjoy a substantial domain registration price reduction if you start with them.

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3. HostGator

hostgator logoPricing: Starting from $12.99 (.com domain)

HostGator is one of the best beginner-friendly websites to buy a domain. Their domain name search tool is resourceful, and it suggests alternate available names if the domain you want is unavailable. Their service features optional hosting and a drag-and-drop site builder.


  • A DNS management platform built with newbies in mind
  • Extensive documentation on how to use the platform
  • Forty-five-day money-back guarantee
  • Free domain name on the $3 per month shared hosting plan


HostGator presents a single demerit. Its add-ons are relatively expensive, with features like WHOIS protection retailing at $14.95 annually. However, its overall rank remains high.

Get started with HostGator

4. GoDaddy

Pricing: Starting from $0.99 per year (.com domain)

GoDaddy manages over seventy-five million domains, which makes it the largest domain registrar worldwide.

godaddy homepage

Its customers have the option of getting a web host after purchasing a domain name. GoDaddy’s customers have to pay for privacy protection separately.


  • First-class telephone customer service
  • Powerful domain name search tool that offers suggestions and broker reseller options if someone already bought your preferred domain name
  • Numerous add-ons
  • A feature-rich domain management interface
  • Stellar domain security


GoDaddy has two significant disadvantages. Firstly, their prices hike significantly after the first year of purchase. They go well past standard industry rates.

Secondly, their numerous features may throw beginners in confusion when selling or transferring a domain. However, knowledgeable customer support is always ready to help.

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5. Hover

Pricing: Starting from $12.99 (.com domain)

Hover enlists as among the most straightforward domain registrars in the industry. The company, which consists of three major accredited domain name registrars, deals with domains only. Therefore, their platform is very resourceful for anyone searching for a website address.


  • No confusing add-ons as they deal with a single service
  • Hover offers affordable extras such as email forwarding, mail storage, and calendars
  • Helpful customer service
  • A resourceful domain search box, which presents hundreds of alternative names
  • Free WHOIS protection


Hover doesn’t offer web hosting. After you buy a domain, you have to seek web hosting elsewhere. However, this can be an advantage if you like maintaining domain management and hosting separately.

Get started with Hover

6. Network Solutions

Pricing: Starting from $25 (.com domain)

Network Solutions boasts of being the oldest domain registrar on the planet.

network solutions domain registrar

The company operated as the only registrar in the world for over five years, and it also became where Facebook’s original domain got registered. The company has among the most resourceful knowledge bases.


  • A powerful domain search tool, which allows searching of twenty domain at a go
  • Tech-savvy support, available 24/7
  • Custom plans for clients who need domain names and hosting


Network Solutions’ prices are relatively high compared to other domain registrars. Also, their DNS management interface is cluttered, and it may be difficult for a newbie to maneuver. However, the registrar’s award-winning support is always ready to help.

Get started with Network Solutions

7. Domain

Pricing: Starting from $9.99 (.com domain)

get domain from domain com

Domain came into play in 2000 and rose to be a world-renowned service. The company prides itself on having the most extensive provision of TLDs.

If you want to make a bulk domain name purchase, domain.com proves to be an ideal option.


  • Straightforward checkout process with minimal upsells
  • Cheap and easy-to-use domain transfer tools
  • Tech-savvy customer support
  • Options for hosting and using a website builder are available


Domain’s demerit is that low prices are only for long-term subscriptions. Other than that, it is a good platform for web beginners and veterans alike.

Get started with Domain

8. Namecheap

Pricing: Starting from $8.88 (.com domain)

Namecheap is a host of over ten million domain names.

namecheap domain registrar

It is an affordable service, which allows prospective clients to purchase single and bulk domains. You may also buy from a third party using Namecheap’s website.


  • Free WHOIS protection with any domain purchased
  • Honest checkout with few upsells and the auto-renew feature turned off
  • Extended domain registration periods with options of a ten-year subscription
  • Clean domain management dashboard


  • Namecheap customer support doesn’t include a phone option. However, supports is knowledgeable and very helpful via live chat.
Get started with Namecheap

9. Name

Pricing: Starting from $8.99 (.com domain)

Name is a well-established domain registrar, and they have been in business for over fifteen years. The company strives to give its clients a superior service by partnering with other trusted third parties.

name customer support team domain

Overall, they offer an affordable, clean service that is worth checking out.


  • A wide variety of discounts to reduce domain name prices
  • URL forwarding provided free of charge
  • A secure service, with two-step verification
  • WordPress hosting available for domain name buyers


Name doesn’t have as many features as its competitors do. However, it is a fabulous option for beginners planning to create a single-page website.

Get started with Name

10. Dynadot

Pricing: Starting from $8.99 (.com domain)

Dynadot ranks among the cheapest domain registrars in the market, at least according to their renewals. Their domain name search tool is powerful, allowing users to filter domains by TLDs. Additionally, they publicly display names that are up for auction from third parties.


  • Cheap and honest purchase process. Dynadot shows you their renewal rates even before you purchase a domain name.
  • Dynadot’s Marketplace allows customers to buy already registered names
  • Free domain forwarding
  • Options to return domains after buying
  • Option to create up to fifty subdomains


Dynadot’s customer service doesn’t guarantee 24/7 availability. But their platform is easy to navigate even without help.

Get started with Dynadot

11. Hostinger

Pricing: Starting from $8.99 (.com domain)

Hostinger presents itself as a great place to buy premium domain names. However, they also offer regular domains and an extensive list of TLDs. Hostinger is among the cheapest options for those who require a name and hosting bundled in one.


  • 100% 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Numerous free extras with any domain name purchase
  • Discounts that reduce prices


Hostinger focuses more on hosting that they do with domain names. If you are more interested in getting a host that you are with a web address, Hostinger is an ideal solution.

Get started with Hostinger

12. Gandi

Pricing: Starting from € 12.54 (.com domain)

Gandi hosts over 2.5 million domain names. Its selling point is presenting an easy-to-use, honest and transparent service. To show their customers that they are all business, they adopt a trademarked “No BS” philosophy.


  • A transparent platform showing all costs and renewals even before checking out
  • A lot of free extras provided, including a free SSL certificate valid for a year
  • No significant price hikes during a renewal
  • A user-friendly interface


Gandi prices are slightly above those of competitors. However, many free features such as an SSL certificate, WHOIS protection, forwarding, and unlimited aliases may justify the cost.

Get started with Gandi

13. A2 Hosting

Pricing: Starting from $14.95 (.com domain)

A2 Hosting prides itself as a domain registrar guided by performance, security, and support. The company has a dedicated staff ready to help customers via phone, email, and live chat. Additionally, A2 Hosting provides speedy hosting solutions to those who opt into their hosting plans.


  • A2 Hosting is an innovative company. Therefore, its customers can expect the most creative solutions.
  • Clean domain management dashboard
  • Reliable customer support, available 24/7


A2 Hosting prices are relatively high. Also, their domain search isn’t as feature-rich as, say, GoDaddy’s. However, their customer support is present to help clients through any challenge.

Get started with A2 Hosting

14. Namesilo

Pricing: Starting from $8.99 (.com domain)

Namesilo is the go-to place for prospective domain owners who prefer to buy names in bulk. The company rides on its trustworthiness. They are upfront about all the charges associated with a domain, including renewal costs.


  • An affordable service for single and bulk domain name purchases
  • Free custom WHOIS protection and domain defender
  • Free domain forwarding
  • Intuitive DNS management dashboard


Namesilo is a reputable registrar with very few downsides. However, their renewal prices rise slightly when first-time registration promotions expire.

Get started with Namesilo

15. Enom

Pricing: Starting from $13.95 (.com domain)

Enom is a leading domain registrar, having hosted over fifteen million names. The company has been in operations since 1997. They have focused their platform on addressing the needs of domain name resellers.


  • A high-security service using cutting-edge security solutions
  • Easy to resell domains using Enom’s API
  • Easy-to-use dashboard, especially when managing many domain names under one account


Enom sets its prices slightly higher compared to its competitors. But their business-friendly platform is the best for those who wish to establish a venture selling domains.

Get started with Enom

16. Google Domains

Pricing: Starting from $12 (.com domain)

Google Domains is a lightweight domain registrar from the popular search engine, Google. The platform strives to provide a simple service where new domain owners can buy names hassle-free. Google Domains is all business, and they have all prices rounded off to whole numbers.


  • A transparent platform with no upsells or surprise costs
  • A clean website with no flashy ads
  • Free WHOIS protection for all domains
  • Dedicated, tech-savvy support


Google Domains doesn’t support some common TLDs offered by other domain registrars. But their service is so clean that you may never notice.

Get started with Google Domains

How Do Domains Work?

When you create a website, the files live on a server, a computer that is always online.

As with all devices on the internet, the server has an IP address – usually a number. People can use the IP address to access your site. But numbers are difficult to remember. Therefore, website owners get a name, which, if searched, resolves to an IP address.

If someone wants to visit your website, they type the site’s domain name in a search box. The browser sends the request to a server in the DNS (Domain Name System). If the server finds the domain name in its database, it forwards the query to a nameserver. If it doesn’t, it pushes the search to another DNS server.

dns doamins server

The nameserver, a computer under your hosting company’s management, forwards the request to a web server. Web servers run software that allows them to get all files associated with a domain name. Once they get a hold of the information, they return it to the browser, and a visitor enjoys a colorful, informative website. The entire process can take a few seconds, depending on a user’s internet speeds.

Get Your Idea Online with The Right Domain Name

When purchasing a domain name, buyers tend to keep their eyes on the price. However, the first consideration should be the domain’s purpose.

Some registrars focus on selling names for personal blogs. Others concentrate on domain names for businesses, while others favor bulk buyers. Be sure to choose a domain registrar with features that address your domain needs.

Also, remember to choose a domain that captures your idea in its entirety. It should be a name that website visitors can easily remember. The success of your online venture may depend on it.

Happy domain name buying!

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