9 Best Online Faxing Services

best online faxing services

The concept of sending online faxes is extremely popular because it doesn’t require a traditional fax machine.

There are several fantastic online faxing services with varying service plans and features. This review is going to take an in-depth look at 10 of the most reputable service providers for online faxing.

Each selection will also include a convenient list of pros and cons to try and help you understand the additional details for each faxing service:

1. Metro Fax

Metro Fax has earned the top placement for this review because it has several important features and an incredible reputation within the industry.

This service provider operates digitally and completely eliminates the need for a fax machine. You can conveniently select the monthly or annual service plan that matches your needs to get started.

metro fax online faxing service

Monthly service plans start for as little as $9.95 per month and no activation fee is required. You can save a little bit of money per month by opting for an annual service plan but it will require a larger up-front payment. You will get your very own private fax number when you subscribe or you can use one of your existing fax numbers on Metro Fax.

This service provider gives you the ability to send a fax from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can also reach customer support at any time to get help for any potential issues.


  • Free 14-Day Trial is Offered
  • Several Monthly and Annual Service Plans
  • Reliable Customer Support


  • Slightly Expensive Prices
  • Minor Learning Curve for New Users

2. eFax

eFax might be a great service for customers that are looking for a slightly more advanced online fax solution. The prices are a little expensive for the type of services that are offered but you will certainly have access to some valuable features when signing-up at eFax.


The biggest problem with eFax is the initial setup fee that exists. Several other online fax providers don’t have a setup fee and this could be a deal-breaker for some customers that are trying to save money. The good news is that eFax has several advanced features like supporting multiple users, offering unlimited storage, and supporting mobile devices with efficient mobile apps.

Click here for a free trial of eFax!


  • Mobile App Support for Smartphones
  • Extremely Secure and Safe Service for Faxing


  • Initial Setup Fee of $10.00
  • Expensive Price Range

3. Fax Plus

There are several impressive features available at Fax Plus. This online fax provider is a reliable and secure fax service that provides worldwide coverage and several premium features. The really nice thing about this service provider is that it is supported on all platforms. You can use Fax Plus on your Windows PC, Mac, or Smartphone.

You can transfer your existing fax number over to the Fax Plus platform or use the complimentary fax number that comes with each of the premium service plans. You can start out with the basic service plan by paying only $4.99 per month.


  • Affordable Prices for the Lower-Tiered Service Plans
  • Secure Worldwide Fax Coverage
  • Supports All Platforms (PC, Mac, and Mobile)


  • Very Limited Trial Offer (10 Faxed Pages)
  • Higher-Tiered Service Plans are Expensive

4. Got Free Fax

Got Free Fax is a basic online fax platform for the United States and Canada. The outdated design of the Got Free Fax website makes it a less appealing option for many customers. You can still use the slightly outdated interface to effectively send online faxes but it certainly doesn’t feel like a modern service.

You can fax ten pages for as little as a dollar and a 100-Page fax credit currently costs $9.95 at Got Free Fax. This certainly isn’t our top recommendation but it does seem to be effective as a basic online fax service.


  • Reasonable Prices
  • Very Simple Website Design
  • No Sign-Up Process is Required


  • Outdated Web Dashboard
  • Very Limited Features are Available

5. Sfax

Sfax might be a great choice because they offer a convenient 14-Day trial offer before you commit to buying any of the premium service plans. All of the online faxing services that are offered are protected with extensive security measures to protect all users. The sophisticated security is an extremely popular feature and it is one of the reasons that so many people are interested in using Sfax.

The prices might be a little bit expensive for some people and the customer support seems to be very limited. Support agents always seem to be busy and it can certainly take a while to get in touch with somebody that can help you. There are positive and negatives aspects but Sfax is still a reasonable faxing service that should be considered.


  • Free 14-Day Trial is Offered
  • Extremely Secure and Reliable


  • Expensive Price Range
  • Limited Customer Support

6. SRFax

SRFax is a fairly popular online fax service provider.

Their website is extremely welcoming for new users and it is quick and easy to get started.

You can swiftly sign-up for an account and start searching for the right service plan at SRFax. You can even take advantage of a 60-Day trial offer on the SRFax platform.


The basic plan includes 200 Pages of faxes per month and includes unlimited users. You also get unlimited storage with this basic service plan. The monthly price is $6.95 and you can upgrade to a higher-tier faxing service plan at any time to get additional features.


  • 60-Day Free Trial Offer
  • Several Convenient Service Plans


  • Several Hidden Fees and Extra Costs
  • Slightly Expensive

7. Hello Fax

There are several benefits that you can receive when signing up for an account with the Hello Fax fax service provider.

They have a simple and reliable online faxing service that is completely internet-based.

You get a fully-customizable digital fax interface with a private fax number. You can also port over your existing fax number if you have one.

hellofax online faxing service

The secure online faxing platform available at Hello Fax is extremely popular and you can always get in contact with the customer support team is you have any issues with your experience.

There are three paid service plans available that start as low as $9.99 per month. A free trial offer is also available if you want to try out a service plan before you commit to the purchase.


  • Free Trials are Available
  • Extensive Customer Support
  • Supports Cloud Storage Platforms


  • Below-Average Interface for Users
  • Very Limited Mobile Faxing Support

8. Ring Central Fax

The Ring Central Fax platform has a cost-effective selection of service plans with varying features. The most popular premium plan for a single user costs $44.99 per month and has several premium features. You can schedule your faxing activities and control your web storage with the advanced interface that is available to users.

Some customers might assume that Ring Central Fax is a little bit too expensive when compared to other similar fax service providers. There are also limited tracking features for online faxes. We recommend Ring Central Fax as our eighth selection because it has some advanced features that are not found at some alternative service providers.


  • Schedule Faxing Activities
  • Several Customization Features


  • No Analytics or Tracking for Online Faxes
  • Expensive Monthly Prices

9. Fax Zero

Our final service recommendation goes to the Fax Zero platform. This digital faxing platform focuses on providing users with a simple interface that can send digital faxes with very little difficulty. You can simply enter the sender and receiver information and upload your fax documents to get started.

Fax Zero allows for five free faxes per day and additional faxes can be purchased through PayPal at $1.99 each. The ability to send free faxes is extremely appealing to some customers and the additional pages can be sent for a reasonable price.

The Fax Zero platform is a little bit outdated and doesn’t perform as efficiently as several modern alternatives. It still manages to provide reasonable value and that is why it has earned the tenth placement within this review.


  • 5 Free Online Faxes Per Day
  • Extremely Simple Online Fax Dashboard


  • Outdated Web Design
  • Additional Online Faxes cost $1.99 Each

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