6 Most Affordable Website Hosting Providers (2021 Guide)

affordable website hosting

If you want to have a website online, you will need to host it on a server that can display your web pages to the world.

But if you are a new website owner, you may not have a ton of money to spend on website hosting.

For that reason, we built this resource guide of the most affordable website hosting providers for beginners.

What is Website Hosting?

Affordable website hosting is provided to users that are looking to save a little bit of money while still hosting a high-quality website. There are still very many good hosting providers that offer new users affordable hosting services. You can purchase cost-effective hosting services from several providers that are mentioned in the review section below.

Most Affordable Website Hosts

1. Hostgator

hostgator logoHostgator has an exceptional reputation within the industry of affordable website hosting. They have outstanding promotional offers for new users and an exceptional support system for people that are just getting started.

Hostgator has three separate service plans that are divided up for customers that need varying levels of resources. All service plans include a free domain with an annual subscription for hosting services. You will also receive a fast setup for your hosting services after completing your order. As an additional complimentary bonus, you will also receive up to $100 in Google Adwords credit to boost your website.

hostgator affordable web hosting

Hostgator does a really good job of letting new customers have an impressive selection of service plans and features. Customer support is also extremely helpful and can be contacted via phone or live chat instantly. The uptime is extremely consistent and reliable, and the service speeds are exceptional at HostGator.


  • Includes WordPress Support and a High-Quality Website Builder
  • Customer Support is available through Phone or Live Chat


  • Fast Setup Process for Newly Purchased Hosting Plans
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • All Plans Include a $100 Google Adwords Promotional Credit


  • Promotional Prices Expire after the Initial Payment Term
  • Significant Learning Curve for New Users


2. Bluehost

Bluehost Logo

Bluehost is another great service provider that provides users with cheap website hosting. You can get some of the most affordable website hosting services from Bluehost.

There are several service plans to choose from that include an automatic introduction offer for new customers. The Basic Plan includes support for one website domain. You also get 50 GB of Solid State Drive storage space and unmetered bandwidth for all your hosting requirements. A free complimentary domain is included with your initial purchase. The Plus Plan includes support for unlimited website domains.

You will also receive unlimited Solid State Drive storage space and unmetered bandwidth for all your hosting requirements. This is a great mid-tier plan that should cover the hosting requirements for most individuals that need to host a website.

bluehost web hosting featires

If you need even more resources and storage space for your hosting, then you can upgrade to the highest-tier plan for additional resources. You will also have the ability to reach out to Bluehost customer support at any time if you need additional assistance with your service plans.


  • Includes Service Plans with Unlimited Domains and Websites (Including eCommerce)
  • Customer Support is available through Phone or Live Chat


  • Several High-Quality Service Plans for Various Purposes
  • High-Speed Solid State Storage Space for All Service Plans
  • Extensive Domain Privacy and Enhanced Security Features


  • Renewal Price Increases
  • Hidden Fees do Exist for Certain Locked Features


3. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a reliable web hosting service that has been around for a really long time. This service provider has several cost-effective hosting plans that might be appealing to customers. They aren’t the cheapest overall selection in the industry, but they are certainly more affordable than a large majority of web hosting providers.

godaddy hosting

The economy plan provides users with 100 GB of storage space and the ability to create up to 10 separate databases. You also get a free domain and free WordPress installation when you purchase this service plan.

The ultimate plan offers several perks, including enhanced performance that is nearly twice as fast as the standard performance in the economy plan. You get unlimited websites, unlimited storage space, and unlimited databases with the ultimate plan at GoDaddy.

The maximum plan includes all previous features, but it also includes a free SSL certificate for the duration of your hosting plan. You also get priority handling for any performance-related issues.

godaddy web hosting pricing plans

It might seem challenging to effectively determine which plan is most useful for you, but it might be a good idea to determine how much storage space that you will need in order to host your website. Selecting the plan with the appropriate amount of bandwidth is probably your best bet to start with.


  • Extremely Reliable Cost-Effective Hosting Services with Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Several Service Plan Tiers for Various Website Hosting Purposes


  • Extensive Support for WordPress
  • Free SSL Certificates and a Free Domain on Supported Plans
  • Incredible Customer Support


  • Renewal Price Increases
  • Slightly More Expensive than Rival Hosting Providers


4. DreamHost

DreamHost focuses on providing an incredible level of value and quality to customers.

dreamhost reviews

There are several impressive features that you can take advantage of when using DreamHost. They also support WordPress and Dedicated Hosting services as well.

We recommend that new users check out the Starter Plan because it includes a free domain and ultra-fast solid-state drive storage space. You get unlimited web traffic, unmetered bandwidth, and access to a high-quality website builder.

dreamhost pricing plans

You might also be interested in selecting the Dream Press Plan. This plan is specifically provided for WordPress hosting. You get a high-quality WordPress website with WordPress pre-installed and access to automated WordPress migration services.


  • Traditional Website and WordPress Hosting Support
  • Fast Solid State Drive Storage Space
  • Includes a Convenient Website Builder


  • Extremely Cost-Effective and Affordable
  • Monthly and Yearly Payment Plans for Hosting



  • Outdated User Interface
  • Email Features Require an Additional Fee

5. Hostinger

Hostinger offers very cheap website hosting services as well as affordable cloud hosting solutions for customers. Hostinger is certainly not the most well-known brand in the industry, but they have managed to do a fairly good job of providing a balance of value and quality to their loyal customers.

We will start by taking a look at the single plan. This is as basic of a hosting plan as it gets. You get the ability to host a single website, email account, and severely limited bandwidth up to 100 GB. A free domain is included on all service plans, so you will most definitely get access to that bonus offer as well. The single plan certainly seems appealing for the price.

The business plan includes daily backups for unlimited websites, email accounts, and domains. You get unlimited bandwidth and high-priority resource handling for your entire service plan.

The cloud hosting plan is ideal for businesses that need access to a larger collection of hosting resources. You get all of the previous hosting features from the previous plans as well as 48 times more allocated resources to your service plan.


  • Hosting Support for eCommerce Websites
  • Access to a Premium Website Builder


  • Three Diverse Hosting Plans for Beginners, Experienced Users, and Businesses
  • Free Domain with All Service Plans
  • Cloud Hosting Support is Available through the Cloud Plan


  • Renewal Prices Significantly Increase after the Promotional Period Expires

6. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the sixth and final website hosting provider that we are going to take an in-depth look at within this review. A2 Hosting providers new customers with several appealing hosting plans with varying features. Many of these premium hosting plans are cost-effective and significantly more affordable than other hosting providers within the industry.

There are two primary hosting plans that you can select from when considering A2 Hosting as a provider. The startup plan offers support for a single website and a maximum storage capacity of up to 100 GB of solid-state drive storage space. Website migration is free and all service plans include a money-back guarantee.

The higher-tiered turbo plan is up to 20X faster than the startup service plan. You get the ability to host unlimited websites. You also get automated backups for your websites and more power and resources for your hosting plan. You also get access to unlimited ultra-fast NVMe storage space on this particular hosting plan.


  • Unlimited NVMe Storage (Turbo Plan Only)
  • Free Automated Backups for Website Hosting


  • Money-Back Refund Policy for All Service Plans
  • Free Site Migration
  • Outstanding Customer Support


  • A2 Hosting has Unimpressive Uptime for their Services
  • Difficult User Interface with Confusing Layouts

Common Features of Cheap Website Hosting

  • FTP Access and Domain-Linked Email Accounts
  • High-Quality Control Panel
  • Large Amounts of Disk Space, Bandwidth, and Optimal Speeds
  • Customer Support Services Available Around the Clock
  • One-click WordPress install

Why should you buy Affordable Website Hosting?

You should consider buying cheap website hosting if you are planning to create a new website.

Cheap website hosting is great for beginners or new webmasters who don’t know anything about managing servers. With these affordable website hosts, you cna easily install WordPress, Joomla, and other open-source software in a few clicks.

There are so many top-tier providers that offer promotional offers for cost-effective hosting. Many of these providers also include exciting features that can enhance your hosting experience.


In conclusion, there is a plethora of affordable website hosting services that will allow you to host your website on the world wide web. Its important to check out all of the features, hardware and software so you know they will have the tools you need to run your website.

Any of the hosting providers above will give you a great bang for your buck!

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